Cross-talk of Brassinosteroid signaling in controlling growth and stress responses


Plants are faced with a barrage of stresses in their environment and must constantly balance their growth and survival. As such, plants have evolved complex control systems that perceive and respond to external and internal stimuli in order to optimize these responses, many of which are mediated by signaling molecules such as phytohormones. One such class of molecules called Brassinosteroids (BRs) are an important group of plant steroid hormones involved in numerous aspects of plant life including growth, development and response to various stresses. The molecular determinants of the BR signaling pathway have been extensively defined, starting with the membrane-localized receptor BRI1 and co-receptor BAK1 and ultimately culminating in the activation of BES1/BZR1 family transcription factors, which direct a transcriptional network controlling the expression of thousands of genes enabling BRs to influence growth and stress programs. Here, we highlight recent progress in understanding the relationship between the BR pathway and plant stress responses and provide an integrated view of the mechanisms mediating cross-talk between BR and stress signaling.

Biochem. J